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5 Axis Machining

At Modern-Tec, we have purchased many of our machines with multi-axis work in mind. If you visit our equipment page, you will see our multiaxis capable machines. Below is some information on why multi-axis machining is so beneficial to the manufacturing process. 

Multiaxis machining is a manufacturing process, where computer numerically controlled tools that move in 4 or more ways are used to manufacture parts out of metal or other materials by milling away excess material, by water jet cutting or by laser cutting. Typical CNC tools support translation in 3 axes; multiaxis machines also support rotation around one or multiple axes.

Multiaxis machines offer several improvements over other CNC tools at the cost of increased complexity and price of the machine:

- Amount of work is reduced, if the piece would otherwise have to be turned manually during the machining.
- Better surface finish can be obtained by moving the tool tangentially about the surface.
- More complex parts can be manufactured, particularly parts with curved holes.

Source: Multiaxis Machining (Wikipedia)

5 axis machining