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Modern-Tec has experience machining many different Turbomachinery components. Examples are Diffusers, Impellers, Turbine Shafts, Precision Couplings, Rings, Seals, Fittings, Bearings, and more.

Turbine Shafts

Turbine Shaft machined at Modern-Tec

- Precision Ground HVOF Tungsten Carbide on Thrust Face and Bearing Journal.


Impeller machined at Modern-Tec

- 5 Axis Machined Impeller (Up to 24" Diameter)

Precision Couplings

Precision Coupling machined at Modern-Tec

- Precision machined and ground Hirth Coupling on Shaft, Part, or Gauge


Diffuser machined at Modern-Tec

- 3D Bladed Diffuser (Up to 36" Diameter)

Labyrinths in machined part.